About us


In 2005 two language teachers founded this language school. At the time, they called it “Context Nederlands”. Why that name? Two reasons: first, they aimed to teach language in-context. They were no longer satisfied with force-feeding generic vocabulary and grammar to their students; they wanted to engage them through practical language which they could use in their daily lives. And second, they thought Dutch was all their school was ever going to offer.


Obviously, they were wrong. So one year later, they had to change the name of their school to “OpenContext”. One of the co-founders then departed to pursue her own pedagogical project, while the remaining co-founder soldiered on.


OpenContext quickly chalked up a victory when it was picked up by BGDA/ORBEM (currently Actiris) for their budding language voucher program. The influx of new students — as well as the requirements imposed by BGDA/ORBEM — turned OpenContext into something it had not been before: a well-oiled machine. The school devoted time and resources to refining its internal procedures and elaborating quality criteria.


The new focus on process and quality was acknowledged in 2009, when OpenContext obtained the Qfor label for customer satisfaction. And even though the accreditation was left to lapse — for reasons the co-founder is happy to explain — the principles for which it was awarded are still very much alive at OpenContext today.


In 2010, OpenContext was again selected by Actiris to become a partner in their revamped language voucher program.


Since 2005 OpenContext has partnered with several organizations that offer job-oriented training programs. Here, OpenContext’s role has been to teach contextualized language classes to trainees in the following professions: electrician, administrative assistant, kitchen hand, waiter, sports coach, event assistant, accounting assistant, computer repair technician, network administrator, web developer, web application developer, webmaster, help desk agent, commercial assistant, import-export assistant, multimedia vendor, game developer, salesperson, nurse, receptionist, shop clerk and domestic assistant.


In the meantime Actiris has continued to renew its partnership with OpenContext. Since 2016 OpenContext has provided one-on-one classes to beneficiaries of language vouchers Matching and since 2020 also group classes to beneficiaries of language vouchers Transition vers l’emploi.